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 feedback regarding counseling with therapist, Cynthia Devlin:
"exceeding my goals to find peace within myself and to believe..."  "You helped me alot in a short amount of time."
"therapist was truly concerned about me resolving my issue and was very helpful". "Thank you for all your help. I will never forget your kindness."        
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"Part of my process over the years of my practice is to follow-up with a questionnaire to learn how my former clients are -and any feedback they'd like to offer. . At Devlin Counseling Center, I have received so much consistently  positive feedback from satisfied clients.  Also, receiving supportive reviews from community outreach when offering "Cultivating Emotional Wellness" series and Couples and Mandalas workshops, etc. has encouraged my interest in further educational outreach. "
"Cultivating Emotional Wellness "community educational series, incl.  couples communication
"great way to start talking/keep talking". "It's helpful and encouraging." "great tools! Dealing with difficult people, not being a pushover, how to make peace"..."Great seminar". "Easy to understand and follow. Positive approach to often avoided topic".
"Thank you. This is a really welcomed experience, even after nearly 50 years of marriage."
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"I appreciate everything Cyndy has done for me and my family. She is great...easy to talk to, relates well with you, gives different perspectives to your problem and line of thinking"       
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