Devlin & Thorne Counseling Center offers therapeutic services to individuals, couples and families who are experiencing a variety of problems, such as depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, grief and loss, trauma of all sorts including emotional, physical and sexual abuse, eating disorders, substance abuse and other addictions, as well as a variety of relationship problems (e.g. marital, family and work-related).
Clients are counseled in ways that help them live more fulfilling and productive lives.  

For over 20 years in our center, a unique, holistic approach is taken with individuals and families, tailoring it to the needs, strengths and challenges at hand. Significant problems may be short term or of a more chronic nature with individuals experiencing either months or years of dissatisfaction or low self-esteem. Many issues may linger as people recover from childhood abuse or neglect or difficult losses. Clients may also find themselves in a crisis of some kind, often a time of change when normal resources are not enough to meet the challenges at hand. Life transitions, such as marriage, divorce or expanding or blending the family through birth, adoption or remarriage, retirement or caring for elderly parents, can also bring additional stress along with the new opportunities. 

Professional counselors listen and interact in ways that help you get to the root of your emotional and behavioral concerns and difficulties. Tapping into inner and outer resources is explored in safe as well as creative ways.

Our experienced therapists, Cynthia Devlin and Patricia Thorne, provide caring and confidential services in a safe, accessible and comfortable environment. 

​For help with individual, couple and/or family concerns, please schedule your initial appointment by calling us at (434) 392 - 9859

Please leave a confidential voice-mail message or e-mail us at 

Our office is located at:
      1 Mill St, Suite 201 
      Farmville, Virginia 23901  
      (434) 392 - 9859

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