Devlin Counseling Center        Santa Fe, New Mexico
Call Cynthia Bergstrom Devlin,  psychotherapist,   at 505-303-3586
​Are you searching for help with your emotional or relationship concerns?  What next steps to take to ease the pain and develop your self-care and relationship skills? Eager to reduce your stress and regain your balance?
-Individual counseling for adults with a holistic licensed psychotherapist

-Couples counseling with an experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist                                                                     
Caring, effective and confidential counseling 
Cynthia Bergstrom DevlinLPCC, LMFT 

Devlin Counseling Center now has two locations, one in the St. Francis Office complex and also in Eldorado, both in Santa Fe .  Ms. Devlin is ready to put herself- experience and training- to work with you.
Call for your free 15" phone consultation with               Ms.Devlin                                            or email me by filling form                                                                                 out
Committed to cultivating emotional wellness       
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